Client centered. Firm supported.

Everything we do is designed to ensure our clients have the best experience possible. The support we give is unlike anything in the market because we truly care. Based upon a formula of collaboration, the latest technology and a truly unique process flow our clients get the results they seek, faster than they thought possible.

What we doWhat clients say

It’s not easy trying to find someone you can trust that knows immigration inside and out and truly cares about your success. Afterall, this is your life and your future so why would you trust just anyone. Our clients always end up choosing us for the following reasons:

They see us everywhere

We are committed to producing unbelievable resources on Canadian immigration that are completely “free” to the public and can be found everywhere. We don’t spend a lot of money on paid advertising because we don’t have to. Mark Holthe and his team can be found all over the internet sharing helpful information and knowledge about the Canadian immigration process. Other firms just don’t care enough to take the time to do what we do.

We give our knowledge away freely

We believe that knowledge should be shared freely. Our clients hire us because they are blown away by the quality of the content we freely share to the world. Our numerous videos, podcasts, and blogs strewn all across our various social media channels have a unique DIY flavour that sets us apart from our competition.  Our mission is to dominate our market by showing the world what we know, not by some slick marketing campaign.  In the end, our clients choose us because they know, like, and trust us before they ever hire us to work with them.

We offer a better way of representation

Our clients love the fact they work directly with the lawyers in our firm versus lower level support staff. This high touch approach to representation makes all the difference to our clients. High touch representation coupled with a collaborative style creates the perfect recipe for producing the best chance of success for our clients.

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