Collaborative Review Approach

Client Centered, Firm Supported

What the Collaborative Review Approach really is? 

We work with our clients through a Collaborative Review Approach, which allows us to reduce our legal fees and keep on delivering superb experience to clients. With this representation model you do the technical work of collecting the documents and entering your information into the forms. At the same time, the law firm does the legal work. We provide legal support and assist you throughout the process, addressing any legal challenges you may have, and working with you collaboratively to review and revise your application until it is ready for submission.

Here are 5 benefits of our Collaborative Review Model versus traditional representation: 

Your application is fast-tracked without delay. You control the speed. As fast as you can prepare your application, we can review it.  

We provide you with instructions, education, and ongoing legal support throughout the process. You always know just what to do.

You complete the first draft of your application and our lawyers review and correct any mistakes together with you during a video screen share call .

We make sure that you know what must be included in your application. We help identify missing information so that you can sleep easy at night. 

You control your own application after submission. No more paying for services you really do not need. If more help is needed you only pay for the actual time we spend. 

How the Collaborative Review Model Process works?

We have prepared below a step-by-step description of the Collaborative Review process flow. This high touch approach to representation makes all the difference to our clients and creates a perfect recipe for producing the best chance of success.


You complete your legal consultation with HIL and decide to retain us to help you with your application.


After you sign the Legal Services Agreement and pay the legal fees we provide you with a secure shared folder


In your shared folder we include our HIL manual with instructions on how to generate your document checklist, complete the forms needed for your application


For Express Entry Applicants we provide access to our Step-by-Step course which walks you through the entire Express Entry process from Profile creation to eAPR submission and more


You complete the forms and collect your documents and if you need a little extra assistance, a video call with your lawyer can be arranged upon request.


When the application is ready for the initial review we set up a video meeting with your lawyer. If during the meeting deficiencies are identified a follow up meeting is scheduled once you've had a chance to correct the deficiencies.


We conduct a final review of your application, review letters of explanation, verify all forms and documents, and ensure your application is ready for submission.


Our representation ends after the final application review. You control the process going forward. However, we are always available to assist should future assistance be required (billable at our hourly rate).

So how do we compare to other representatives and firms?

We are not like a typical bricks and mortar law firm. We are a cloud-based firm that strives to revolutionize legal practice and discover new ways to improve customer experience. Our virtual collaboration model allows us to offer  unique and effective representation to people throughout the world. No longer are we restricted to helping only the clients who live in our communities. We offer services to anyone in the world that has an internet connection and a desire to prepare their application right the first time.

Here is a basic comparison of how we stack up to other representatives:

Other Representatives

  • QUnreasonably high fees
  • QYou need to appear in person in the office to sign your forms
  • QYou have limited access to your application or profile
  • QCan take months before your application is ready for review
  • QYou fill out pdf questionnaires and clerks re-type your information into the immigration forms
  • QMost of the work is done by clerks, with limited access to your actual representative.

Holthe Immigration Law

  • RFees that actually make sense
  • RFully cloud-based and virtual experience
  • RYou control your own application through the immigration portal
  • RYou set the pace and control how fast your application is submitted
  • RYou fill out immigration forms directly and our lawyers review and correct them with you
  • RYou have direct access to your lawyer throughout the whole process

Start your journey with us today!

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