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We truly believe that everyone deserves to be represented by a lawyer. However, sometimes legal fees can be really high. That is why we commit to sharing as much information as we can for free or at a reduced rate so that no one has to settle for anything less. Check out this Holthe Immigration Law Resources page to get access to our various free and useful resources all designed to help you navigate this crazy world we call Canadian Immigration.

Canadian Immigration Institute and DIY Courses

The Canadian Immigration Institute is a platform that is designed to help you navigate through the immigration process all on your own. This is the place where you can access all of the Step by Step DIY video courses created by Canadian Immigration Lawyer Mark Holthe that focus exclusively on helping individuals and families in their journey to Canada.  

Canadian Immigration InstituteExpress Entry DIY Course

Canadian Immigration Podcast

Mark Holthe created the Canadian Immigration Podcast to help people who are searching for answers to their immigration questions. This is a wonderful resource with information that is both practical and useful to anyone in the process of filing an immigration application. Mark invites some of the top immigration lawyers and other professionals to join him in demystifying the complex web of Canadian immigration law, policy and practice.

Check out the Podcast WebsiteListen on Spotify

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Connect with us on our various social media channels in order to stay up to date with the latest news and insights on Canadian immigration. You can find valuable information on all aspects of immigration including Express Entry, work permits, study permits, visitor visas, spousal sponsorship and so much more.

Canadian Immigration Institute Youtube Channel

  • Weekly Live Q&A episodes with Mark Holthe
  • Tutorials and tips on Canadian Immigration
  • Interviews with Canadian Immigration Lawyers
  • Insights and updates on immigration programs

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