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We wish there was an easy way for you to compare our legal fees to others in the market. The problem is that our unique style of representation just doesn’t compare.


Mark is the Best! stop wasting your precious time and money on consultants in your country who in no way have the full knowledge or authority on Canadian immigration. spend a little more and book a real immigration lawyer. you will be thanking yourself later.

Masud Bawany

Hey everyone… I recommend everyone with any immigration status to go and book with best lawyer ever Mark Holthe, he is one of the best lawyer ever around the world … he was handling my application from A to Z – step by step and I got my PR card 10 days ago, so happy, so excited and the most important thing, it’s worth the money which I paid for him because everything went smoothly, right , professional and eventually got what I need without headache. Thank you Mark for helping me and now I can achieve my dream to live in Canada permanently. I registered with golden plan a year ago, any questions please ask me! Again thank you Mark! Best regards Mar Sal.

Mar Sal

I just had a phone consultation with Mark and already I feel a huge sense of relief. I’m a freelance musician, so my path forward is not always clear-cut, but Mark was able to walk me through exactly what would be necessary in order to get a high enough CRS score to immigrate through Express Entry. I feel very confident in his knowledge and that he will be a huge help to me and my family as we navigate this complicated process. Thank you so much!

Christina Boyer

For exceptional service and finding an immigration lawyer that’s right for you, I highly recommend Mark Holthe. Mark has done an amazing job handling all my immigration affairs. He made sure that my status was up to date and that I was getting the results I seek. I am extremely grateful to you and your associates. Thanks Buddy.

Ryan Persaud

the procedure which is said by mark is truly awesome and easy to understand and operational by even a layman

Rajan Ghai

Feeling proud to share my feeling …Thanks for helping peoples who belongs to different communities…

Emmad Sail

Excellent information regarding immigration laws and the key steps to complete the express entry profiles and prepare the required documents to apply

Jorge Luis Minyetty

For my current PR application I needed someone to review the work experience letter I got from my company. Since I was in hurry, I got an appointment with Mark not even 3 days after the first contact. During the consultation Mark was already well prepared and reviewed the letter together with me. He answered all my questions and gave useful hints if something was unclear and even gave me useful hints about topics I didn’t even thought about before the consultation. The consultation helped me a lot and I am 100% satisfied with Marks work.

Christian Feier

I suggest everyone who is going to apply for Canadian Immigration to get Mark’s services. He checks everything in details and makes sure everything is perfect before file is submitted. The best and most important part is Letter of Explanation (LOE) that he writes for you if he thinks there is something needing explanation.
Thank you Mark.

Mohd Adnan

I cannot stress how amazing Mark and his team have been!
I fell into a poor situation while waiting for my PR that forced me to stop working. Being that I heavily rely on my constant work, Mark took immediate action to find the best solution for me to ensure I could get back into the office. Two weeks later and I have a new work permit and my PR is being processed.
I fell into this position because I thought I was competent enough to go through the PR process on my own without a lawyer. I can see now how wrong that I was and I am grateful for Mark’s quick efforts. I highly recommend them!

David Jenista

I had a consultation with Mark Holthe about my EE application and adding my spouse and found him really helpful and clear. I gladly recommend him for a consultation. His immigration institute course is a great place tDIY tool for EE.

Chetan Tonde

I’ve dealt with a fair share of Immigration Consultants and I must say dealing with Mark was truly an exceptional experience. I enrolled for the Express Entry online course on his website. His clear, step-by-step instructions and videos (with screenshots) made sure that I avoided any mistakes that I would otherwise inadvertently make resulting in a potential rejection. For this alone, the course is more than worth its modest price. For anyone setting out on the Express Entry journey, I couldn’t recommend it enough!
Unlike other ‘commercial’ consultants, Mark was prompt in responding to and resolving my queries. His free podcasts and videos on youtube helped as well.
Later, I had an issue with a credit card charge and I raised it on the website helpline. In less than 24 hours, Mark personally responded to me on email and assured me that the charges would be reversed at the earliest – proving yet again that his services are not driven purely by commercial concerns.
If I had to do this all over again, I would not hesitate in engaging Mark again!

Sumit Kangude

I really liked Mark’s youtube videos on Express Entry (out of hundreds of others that I watch) because it felt very genuine and relatable. I decided to go and sign up for the EE DIY institute (link after text). It is great for people that have some time and want to save money to do it on your own. Mark offers consultation at 50% off if you are subscriber. Had a phone consultation with Mark yesterday. It was great to finally speak with Mark and he answered so many of my questions. He was very thorough, patient and empathetic. I would highly recommend you give Mark and the program a try if you are considering Express Entry into Canada.

Shaoxuan Lǐ

providing accurate information on immigration topics


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