Our Services and Fees

We wish there was an easy way for you to compare our legal fees to others in the market. The problem is that our unique style of representation just doesn’t compare.


More predictability with flat legal fees

Virtually all our services are offered on a flat fee model. This means that the price we list below is exactly what it is going to cost you (plus 5% sales tax…the lowest sales tax in all of Canada). We love Alberta. Please note that all fees below are quoted for individual applicants. Please contact us to discuss fee structures for families or business immigration.

Legal Fees for Individuals and Families:
  • Express Entry – starting from $4,000
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – starting from $4,500
  • Spousal Sponsorship – starting from $3,500
  • Parental Sponsorship – starting from $3,000
  • Permanent Resident Card Extensions – starting from $1,500
  • Citizenship Applications – starting from $2,000
  • Study Permits – starting from $2,000
  • Work Permit Extensions – starting from $1,500
  • Access to Information Requests – starting from $500
  • Temporary Resident Visa – starting from $2,000
Legal Fees for Business Immigration:

In a cost-conscious business world, it only makes sense that we offer a flexible flat fee pricing model for all of our corporate clients. We work closely with our business clients to develop a custom strategy and scope that works for them and works for us. In this way, our clients are not paying more for immigration support than they need to. However, they can rest assured that we are in their corner when it comes to the cross-border movement of critical personnel into Canada.

We highly recommend that you check out Our Team page to learn more about the Canadian Immigration Lawyers at Holthe Immigration Law. Our firm family is comprised of some of the most intelligent, caring, and knowledgeable immigration practitioners in our field.

We truly understand what you are facing and through our “Client Centered. Firm Supported” approach, are here to help you in the exact way you need us. Feeling interested?

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